Larissa Burk, agent extraordinaire, “God she is good”! As a buyer I wanted exactly what I wanted. It seemed like she fully understood every detail I was looking for. She set up a few houses for the wife and me to look at and all of them were very close to what I was looking for. Then she took us to see “The House” that would be the one I ended up buying some 28 days later.
If you haven’t bought or sold a house in a while or it is your first, you need someone like Larissa Burk by your side helping guide you every step of the way. She also kept me in the loop with how the loan was going and all aspects of the purchase. When things went a little wrong she stepped in, with her expertise, and got everything back on track and all the time making it seem easy. That is the mark of a true professional.
When you meet her you will know you want her on your team!

Mark & Peggy Schultz