Life changing avocado…

So this morning – I woke up and started checking my Facebook feed. As usual, those Tasty posts come up (I am addicted to watching them) – anyway – this morning it was an avocado with and egg in the middle. Two of my FAVORITE things!

So I had to try it…


ANDDDDD… so simple  – It literally baked while I was in the shower and little to no clean up…

SO.. here it is. DO IT TOMORROW!

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Cut avocado in half, scoop some of the center (and eat, LOL), put in a oven safe pan that has been greased (I use PAM), crack the egg, put in the center, add salt & pepper, bake for 20 minutes… Of course, depending on how done you want the egg- modify the time..

I topped mine with a little cheese ; )




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